Keep Calm HypnoBirthing®

Offering HypnoBirthing® Prenatal Classes for Halton and Peel Region

Empower yourself to have a positive experience in which you, your baby and your birth partner feel calm and work together in harmony.

Are you interested in calm, gentle birthing, but sceptical or unsure about the idea of "hypnosis"?

Many people have unclear ideas or misconceptions of what hypnosis is. Some have the impression that hypnosis is something magical, mystical or even dangerous. Hypnosis has even been portrayed by some, as a scary form of mind control, where people are made to give up control of themselves. Hypnosis is in fact the complete opposite. People use self hypnosis to gain more control over their lives, not less. Hypnosis is not something that someone does TO you. You do not have to fear that you’ll get stuck in hypnosis or that you will do something you will regret while hypnotized. No one will be "hypnotizing" you in HypnoBirthing... read on to learn more!

You Are Always in Control

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, even if it is facilitated by a therapist. YOU are always in control and in no way is the person guiding you able to manipulate you to do things you do not want to do. When a hypnotherapist guides you into hypnosis they are not asking you to experience anything strange that you haven't experienced before. You are simply putting yourself onto a relaxed state through calm breathing, relaxation and visualization.

You’ve Done This Before!

The phenomenon of hypnosis is firstly, and most importantly, a natural state of mind that people move in and out of several times a day. There is nothing unnatural or supernatural about it. Hypnosis is simply a natural state of physical, mental and emotional relaxation, along with a heightened state of awareness. Most people have been in hypnosis before. You may not realize this because of preconceived notions of what hypnosis is. For example, if you’ve daydreamed, zoned out watching a movie, read a book, driven home and wondered how you got there... you’ve been in a state of hypnosis. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, entertainment based stage shows have given people the idea that hypnosis is some sort of "magical" way of manipulating people to do things they wouldn't normally do. This has nothing to do with the concept of simply relaxing during birth as you would with HypnoBirthing.

Keep Calm and Relaxed During Birth

Hypnosis is simply a way of inducing a level of consciousness that is characterized by relaxation and suggestibility. In HypnoBirthing, we will be engaging in hypnosis, and you can look forward to learning how to go into, and enjoy a deep state of relaxation.  The purpose of hypnotherapy is to help you, through guided imagery and visualization, to bring about a desired change in behavior or thought or physical well being. This approach will help you to avoid the fear tension pain cycle during birth as you will learn how to relax the muscles used during birthing while maintaining control of your breathing and calming your thoughts.

Forget About Fear!

You can use this program to alleviate concerns linked to pregnancy and birth and to develop confidence and a sense of joyful anticipation for the arrival of your little one(s). It is very common for people to be concerned about the birthing process. In HypnoBirthing, you can identify and release negative thoughts and learn to appreciate how capable and well prepared your body is to bring your baby(ies) into this world. Hypnosis is extremely comfortable and relaxing, just like those moments before you fall asleep or when you start to wake up in the morning. You'll feel very relaxed, yet your mind will remain highly focused and aware. This in itself is very beneficial, particularly for those suffering from stressful and/or anxious thoughts. HypnoBirthing techniques relax, refresh and invigorate the mind and body. HypnoBirthing can give you the skills to relax and have a gentle birthing experience while including your birth companion in a positive and active way.