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Here is what people in your area have to say about their experiences with HypnoBirthing!



Hypnobirthing was an amazing experience! It gave me the tools and knowledge to approach my labour with confidence, focus and patience. It helped me to be completely present with my body while being sensitive to the natural intelligence of the labour process, so that I was working WITH my body rather than battling against the sensations. It was also excellent training for my birthing partners as it kept us all aligned with the same birthing approach and empowered them to support me with confidence and loving sensitivity.



I was really nervous about my wife giving birth. I was even more nervous about going to HypnoBirthing classes as I didn't know what to expect! The clasess ended up being very informative and practical as well as enjoyable to attend. The best part was that I felt prepared for the birth and used the skills I learned to support my wife the whole time. I really felt like her teamate instead of a spectator. I felt confident and this allowed me to relax and enjoy the birth of our daughter.



I was really anxious about the birth of my second baby as I had had a very stressful experience with my first birth. I am so glad I took the HypnoBirthing course. Even though I was a second time mom, I learned a lot. My husband and I really bonded over the excercises and I find I am still using the CD to help me relax and deal with the hubub of having two little ones!



I'm so glad that my partner and I did a HypnoBirthing course in preparation for the birth of our first baby. In addition to covering all the basics about the stages of labour, the course taught us to view birthing as a completely natural process, which was really empowering. We were able to work through some of our apprehensions and to trust that my body knew what it was doing. I relied on meditations and breathing techniques through all the stages of labour, both at home and in the hospital. My partner was equipped to help me relax through the intense parts of labour. HypnoBirthing made a big difference in our approach, and I highly recommend it.



When I had my first baby I felt unprepared with no skills for my delivery.  I decided to do Hypnobirthing for the birth of my second child, I am so glad I did.  Having a drug free natural delivery was extremely important to me and I wanted to feel more in control this time. The classes were fantastic, they gave me a new perspective to birthing and I learned many useful tools I was able to use throughout my pregnancy right through to delivery.  I had a new found confidence in myself and my abilities to have my baby the way that I wanted.  On the day my daughter arrived I was fully prepared, deeply relaxed and completely in tune with my body and what it was about to do.  My 24 hour labour was calm and serene as I used the visualization and relaxation techniques I had learned.   My husband was able to take an active role and knew how to support me this time around.  On April 23rd my sweet baby girl peacefully made her way into the world.  It was a beautiful, comfortable and empowering experience thanks to Hypnobirthing.